DOMINIC ALBANESE is an American poet who feeds on his own experience from the 1960s and the Vietnam war to write his memoir-like poems. He has published four collections of poetry.

What is your earliest reading memory? 

My early memory of reading… (at 4-5 years old) is the newspaper and books and not little golden books either...Hot Rod mags and popular science + mechanics… I read James Joyce and Emily Dickinson's poems at bout 12...and been addicted to reading and writing poetry ever since 

Has writing been a conscious choice or a natural thing for you? 

My interest is wide reaching and very *odd* I like Arnold Toynbee...Mary Renault and Mike Hammer ....with a bit of Television and subway advertising thrown in 

 Do you have any special habits or rituals when you write?  

I write in a quiet and clean house alone and with no actual idea other than I wanna say who? I am never sure 

Do you choose your poems or do the poems choose you? 

I have a lot of strange ideas....having served in Vietnam...really changed a lot of the way I look at the world at writing and at *staying alive* 

What national books/authors do you enjoy re-reading and why? 

My biggest reading habits are 1) People I know; 2)People who write a series and I am always a book or so into it… Flannery O'Connor and Carson McCullers with Ed McBain were my most powerful early *influences*

 What foreign books/authors do you enjoy re-reading and why? 

Why I read out of America authors is to see the world...I read a lot of German French and South American writers....and Eco and a few Italian ones too...America is a baby...and Europe and Asia (I read every thing Haruki Murakami writes) have legs and have walked streets with bricks old as pre-1492...when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and made a fkn mess of things 

What is so important about fiction/poetry? 

The BEST truth with the names changed to protect the innocent 

Who is your ideal reader? 

My choice of readers of my work are people who like smart + funny...the sad sacks and the plunging neckline crowd can stick wit 50 shades of gray for all I care 

Is there a God or are there gods for writers? 

The God of writers is all depending on the MOOD of the writer...I find Gods to be pompous boring and control freaks....just like a lot of people I don't like

Tell us about your poetry.

 Tell you bout my writing? I ain't gonna tell ya shit get my books and see 

How do you really feel about recognition and fame? Are you a satisfied mind or always craving for more? 

I am not rich or famous...I am not a slave to fashion but long as women fall in love with me and wanna come see me for a week or two.....I am getting all the attention I want crave need or in fact CAN HANDLE … hahahahahah.... I also think the entire writing gangs...who are in ca-hoots with each other… and the ones who help others get published are one of the reasons I do not give up on Humanity and hang wit only alligators and birds down here in the swamp… as much as I love to write and be told my work is good I love to grow tomatoes and cook and as mentioned I am very fond of and fan of women… I think if I were to be remembered… It would be for he wrote good poems and made a lot of women laugh with him an give him *kisses*


  1. Loved BASTARDS! Can't wait for your fiction novel. Cheers!


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